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If there is a will, there is a way!

What is this about? Two to six players. 60 minutes time. Numerous puzzles, brain-teasers and surprises. Accept the challenge and conquer the escape room Berlin!

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For this the whole team is needed. You only can beat this room if you use the unique strengths of every team mate and  face the challenges  coordinated! At Escape Rooms Berlin it is key to think 3 steps ahead. Rely on your imagination, listen to your intuition and don't loose track of time because 60 minutes go by quickly.... but: if there is a will, there is a way!

The Cube's Cabinet

Solve the puzzles in Cube's Cabinet!

Only at the exit game Berlin... but it’s not easy. Book the Cube's Cabinet and challenge yourself! Cube's Cabinet is a bare, white room. No windows. No doors. The only salient feature is a white cube.

What looks ordinary and featureless at first glance actually holds a wealth of information. To escape from the white void, you must exert your grasp, stay vigilant and do not overlook any small detail because an hour is not much time to discover the meaning behind the mysterious void. Solve the exciting Exit Game Berlin and free yourself from the big, white void!

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The Wizard's Cabinet

Escape the Enchanted Wizard's Room!

In the magician's room you will encounter mysterious signs, incantations, and mystical clues. You have 60 minutes to learn some magic tricks in order to accomplish what seemed unimaginable to you. Be careful not to turn the magical actions against you. You will need ingenuity, brilliance and intuition to solve the most important secrets of the magician and escape from the room.

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Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet

The genius challenges you!

At the live room escape in Berlin, the puzzles will come crackling on you. The tasks to be solved are crisp and tricky and the participants are highly concentrated. With our established facilities we have brought a lot of brain grease for the cooking. Enthusiastic customers and the great success clearly speak for us! After the highlights of the Cube's Cabinet and the popular Wizard's Cabinet, we proudly present the next challenge for keen spirits: Leonardo Da Vinci's Cabinet.

Experience the exuberant spirit of a genius and let yourself be challenged by secret codes and ominous signs. The versatile master plays all the skills of the polymath to confuse and impress you. Use the hour of truth and compete with the greatest thinker of the Renaissance! Solve the puzzles and free yourself from the from Leonardo Da Vinci's Cabinet at the live escape room in Berlin!

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