Questions & Answers

  • Who is live escape game for?

    Live escape game is fun for all: friends, colleagues, families, you name it. If you are looking for something other than the usual bars, movies and the like, then Labyrintoom is a sure bet. Come and check it out.

  • How long does a game last?

    For each room you will be given 60 minutes to escape. Please also allow 10-15 minutes for us to provide you with the instructions and basic rules needed to complete the game safely.

  • Do I need any special skills or knowledge for the game?

    The game is designed to test team working skills, creativity and “thinking outside the box”. It requires no special skills and is not physically challenging.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    At the moment we only accept cash payments, however gift vouchers can be bought online (PayPal, bank transfer or a credit card).

  • If I am unable to show up at the reserved time, what should I do?

    If you know before your scheduled date that your team cannot make it, please let us know up to 48 hours in advance.

  • What is the minimum and maximum size of groups per game?

    The ideal group size is 4-6 people, with the minimum being 2. In general, bigger teams have a better chance to escape. We advise 3-4 participants per team, and set the maximum team size at 6 players.

  • May I come and play alone?

    Due to the nature of the game the minimum group size is 2 people.

  • Is there any language requirement for the game?

    All tracks of live escape game can be played in English, or in German. Most riddles and mysteries are non-verbal, so basic language skills are perfectly fine.

  • Will you really lock us into the room?

    If you want to, yes. However, if you feel uncomfortable in small spaces we can easily leave the door unlocked. In our experience you will not think about being locked in as soon as you’ve started working on your first riddle.

  • What if we can’t get out?

    Then the game is over, that’s all. There will be no Saw-like punishment or anything like that.After 60 minutes are up your game master will let you out of the room and explain any unsolved riddles if you would like to know the solution. However, we hope that the room’s story will encourage you enough so that you can win your race against the time.

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