Labyrintoom Live Escape Game
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Labyrintoom Live Escape Game

What is this about? Two to six players. 60 minutes time. Numerous puzzles, brain-teasers and surprises. Accept the challenge and conquer the escape room Berlin!

Our Labyrinth Cabinets offer something for every taste. Pick what you like, choose the date and book your experience today: Cube's Cabinet or Wizard's Cabinet. And now completely new: Leonardo Da Vinci's Cabinet - take on the tricky tasks of the Escape Room Berlin and prove your team spirit.

Our Labyrinth Cabinets
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All our games are bookable online. Quite simple and uncomplicated – unlike some of our puzzles...

Get locked up for 60 minutes

Of course you want to be faster and break the record of the game. Because after all the record holders are published.

Find the puzzles first, then find the solution

Not only that the puzzles are not easy to solve, they are also not easy to find. Face the challenge!

Our Live Escape Games

Labyrinth Cabinets

In our "Labyrinth Cabinets" you can choose a game that is interesting for you. Every member of your team can prove their worth. We have filled the games with labyrinths full of puzzles, surprises and brain-teasers for people with different mindsets, special imagination and intuition.

Magical moments and enchanting puzzles? Or magical tension and almost impossible enchanted escape routes?

Concern is quickly spreading, in the sinister rooms of the dark magician. You and your up to six enchanted teammates have to use your entire talent to escape from a magical space with this clever live escape game! The hands of the old clock on the wall keep moving forward relentlessly, and one's heart beats to the rhythm!

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You are alone with the cube in Cube's Cabinet. The countdown is running and your cold hands begin to sweat – sweating out of fear.

Everything is white and geometric - walls, ceiling, floor, cube. Cold and apparently without any special features. With this great escape room of the special kind one feels caught in the madness and only the cleverest exit game fans can find a way out of here!

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Genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, has left one a few clues to solve the great mystery of the "Holy Grail". Will you succeed to reveal the secret of Leonardo da Vinci?

We offer you an opportunity to find the "Holy Grail". You can expect secret codes and symbols that were encoded by Leonardo da Vinci, who possessed many talents as a scientist, architect, engineer, painter and sculptor.

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Our exit rooms in Berlin will convince you!

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We have gained trust from hundreds of positive reviews!

We were visiting this escape room game (Cube's Cabinet) in raining day and it was our safety! We received coolest memories and excellent experiences in this sort of games. In my next trip to Berlin I will visit other rooms for sure :))

Evgenia Toper
Evgenia Toper

It was incredibly interesting and fun! We were in both rooms and got so much positive emotions! The staff is really good and made us happy in this day. Thank you Labyrintoom!

Maria A
Maria A

I tried the Cube room and even though I was late the service was fine :) the room is very good looking with a lot of fun and surprising riddles :)


Our Labyrinth Cabinets offer something for every taste!

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Everyone can decide the game!

Work hand in hand to escape the room. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Friends & Family

Friends & Family

A great experience for big puzzle geeks and small heroes!

Tourists & Visitors

Tourists & Visitors

Discover Berlin off the tourist attractions!

Companies & Teams

Companies & Teams

Raise your teamwork to a new level!



Nothing connects people more than a successful escape!

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