What to Do on a Rainy Day in Berlin

Some tourist cities seem to only offer activities for sunny days, but in Berlin, the weather can be a large contender when touring the city. Rain, however does not have to dampen your Berlin experience when you know where to go.
What to Do on a Rainy Day in Berlin

Berlin is a city designed for maximum fun and excitement despite the weather, so the next time your find yourself in the city looking for something to do as the rain comes pouring down, try one of these activities.

Visit a Cinema

Catching a movie is a great way to spend a few hours until the rain clears up. Berlin has many options to choose from to see movies you desire. For those looking for the largest and mainstream cinema experiences, CineStar at Potsdamer Platz offers the latest cinematic productions and Imax theaters. For more of an intimate experience try Hackesche Hofe Kino or Lichtblick Kino offering more independent films.

Get Updated on Culture

There is nowhere within any city that provides as much culture as museums and art galleries. It is in these places that tourists and locals alike mingle and get the opportunity to see history and experience life through the mind of the artist. Art galleries can be found throughout Berlin and offer a varied experience, each with their own specific genre.

History buffs will love Deuches Historisches Museum offering a glimpse into the famous past of the great city of berlin. For those looking for more of a contemporary art experience, Hamburger Bahnhof provides contemporary art on an always changing scale. Other museum options include C/O Berlin for those interested in the art of photography and Martin Gropius Bau known for their diverse and well curated shows.

Reichstag (German Parliament)

When visiting or residing in any country, it is important to understand their government system. Berlin has famously gone through a complete reform of government in the early 90s and as a result, Reichstag has had to adapt. The building itself however, is very lovely and one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Visitors to Reichstag not only get the opportunity to see the exterior structure, but are invited to free tours of the building, so it is the ideal place to lean about the government while staying safe and dry when the rain pours down. Before visiting, be sure to take a look at their website and register for the time slot preferred. When traveling during the summer months, it is also recommended that reservations be made far in advance as the building is a hot tourist attraction during this time.

Labyrintoom Live Escape Game

Touring Berlin is great any time of the year. It is full of history and sights to be seen, but many of these places do not appeal to a range of visitors. Escape games, however have proven to appeal to a wide array of visitors and offer an experience like no other. Labyrintoon Live Escape Game is the leading escape game company in Berlin and if you want to truly enjoy yourself during bad weather or any time of the day, it is the place to go.

They offer a range of different escape room experiences to choose from and their action packed one hour game is both challenging and entertaining. Visitors from around the world visit Labyrintoom Escape Room Game annually and those that have participated come back again and again to see what is new. The games are always being updated and changed to accommodate from 2 to 6 people, so no matter the size of your group, you can have an enjoyable, challenging experience.

Underworld Tours

Berlin is a city that has been built and rebuilt time and time again, so there is much to see beneath the surface of the city. Underworld tours are offered throughout Berlin to uncover the intricate workings of the city’s past and how people have moved throughout the city for many years even during the many wars fought within its borders. Taking an underworld tour is a great idea for rainy days as most of the tours take place indoors. Various companies throughout the city offer the tours, so when visiting, be sure to seek out the underground tour experience you have always wanted to see.

Berlin is a bustling city throughout the year and no matter when you choose to visit, or how the weather acts, there is always something to see. Take the time to plan out your visit, but always have an alternate plan for when the weather is not perfect. No matter which activity you choose, Berlin is a beautiful and historical city just waiting to be explored. Have fun and get the most out of every day in this remarkable city.

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