Escape Games for Friends and Family

A great experience for big puzzle geeks and small heroes!

Friends & Family

The weekend or the evening can be quite boring if you are home alone. Fortunately, if you have a family, you can encourage activities. Especially couples with children will not have any problems to get their little one excited for escape games. Guessing, puzzling and solving the enigma under time pressure is a pleasure even for young people.

But also for the adults, the escape rooms offer an escape from the mundane realities of everyday life. Working together to escape from a closed space, requires concentration, dexterity and creativity, while at the same time providing fun. There is no room for fighting. On the contrary, the labyrinth rooms reinforce family ties through communication and the fact of experiencing an adventure together.

Also, those who instead look for an activity for a group of friends will not be disappointed. The fun factor of this experience cannot be surpassed. You will forget the time when you are trying to escape. Especially when the sky is cloudy, the temperatures are low and the boredom is great, a visit to the escape rooms Berlin is worthwhile. Thanks to the choice of different rooms, there is something for everyone. If you really manage to escape, the next task is always waiting for you! Let's see how you can work together as a group.

A fun adventure for small and big, whether family or friends. Only those who work hand in hand can escape the room successfully!

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