Escape Rooms for children - experience adventures and have fun together!

How you can make your children happy!


You want to surprise your children with a unique activity and make them happy? Adventure, entertainment, fun and puzzling sounds as if your children would enjoy it? Are you looking for an activity that your offspring can do together with friends and have a wonderful time? Then you've come to the right place at Labyrintoom Berlin!

With us your offspring can puzzle, have fun and dive into one of our three wonderful worlds, where there are various difficult and challenging puzzles to solve. Whether together with friends, schoolmates or siblings and other family members - Escape Games are an excellent way to teach your children teamwork, logical thinking, creativity and other extremely valuable skills.

At special events such as birthdays, holidays, Christmas or just for in between - your offspring will definitely have a great time here!

Escape games are a wonderful opportunity to bring groups of children and friends even closer together and to enable them to promote cohesion and cooperation in the form of tricky escape games, as well as to experience fantastic adventures away from any passive entertainment, but to immerse themselves in the action and to shape it through intellect, patience and teamwork in such a way that the group can finally solve all the puzzles.

But even if it gets too difficult in between times and swift progress seems unlikely, it's not an obstacle: Our game leaders, with whom your offspring will be in constant contact, will be happy to help with any difficulties and are always on hand with advice and tips - so that the motivation is always at a high level!

But don't be surprised if your children want to explore the others after a visit in one of our three different rooms. Be it the enchanting Wizard's Cabinet, the mysterious Cube's Cabinet or the fantastic Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet: each of our excellent rooms is unique and tells an individual and exciting story.

Especially in today's world, where many exciting adventures are mostly experienced passively and thus often lack identification with the respective situation, exit games offer the possibility to dive into different worlds, solve puzzles, find clues and really take part in the process of storytelling and to create and influence it directly with the individual abilities of each person.

You see... Exit Games are an exciting, adventurous and challenging activity and also a great way to surprise your children with a visit to us at Labyrintoom Berlin.

So what are you waiting for? Just contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your visit...or just drop by spontaneously and let us inform you personally. The entire Labyrintoom Berlin Team is looking forward to meeting you!

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